27th & 28th February 2021
    Photos of “Windows” in SGCARA area and beyond – see below

We hope that some of you managed to see some of the Window Wanderland windows. 

The festival is well-established in the Grid now, so participation quite high, with some spectacular displays (some accompanied by themed-music) and many people out and about enjoying the event.

Being the first time SGCARA has engaged with the Southfields Window Wanderland festival, and with fairly short notice,
numbers taking part in our Area were quite small.

However we had at least one participant in Sutherland (& also Saint Cecilia’s School), Arcadian, Combemartin, Skeena, Girdwood and Scott Ave.
Definitely something to build on for next time, so thanks to those who took part!  

If you took any photos of Windows 
(in our area or beyond), do email them to  if possible giving the name of the road(s) where you saw them.

Window Wanderland is an award-winning, COVID-safe project, which provides resources for communities around the world to set up their own magical, illuminated window displays’.

It is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC), dedicated to reducing social isolation and fostering a sense of community.  Window Wanderland can provide resources, and also publicise the events on their website map. People can help by getting involved in a local Wanderland in any way they can  byjust enjoying the Window Wanderland in their local areas, designing a window display, or organising their own Wanderland event.