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WELCOME to the Sutherland Grove Conservation Area Residents’  Association, ‘SGCARA’.
We cover the part of Southfields that comprises Sutherland Grove and the roads and closes leading off it up the hill on the western side – more than 1,000 households.

Sat 30 Sept 2023

FAMILY MEET-UP Sat 16 Sept 2023

Almost all this area forms an officially recognised Conservation Area. Founded in 1975. The Association’s prime purpose, as its constitution says, is ‘to promote and assist the preservation, conservation, protection, enhancement and improvement of the area together with the amenities available to it, and to discourage anything which would tend to be detrimental to the area or its amenities’. However, we also see it as an important part of our job to keep our residents informed on local matters and, by running social events, to promote a sense of community.

“SGCARA aims to deliver at least two paper news/information circulars each year to every household.” Residents are invited:
– to subscribe to regular free emails about local issues, events and travel; 
– to sign up for SGCARA Membership. Subscription-Form-2023.pdf
– Membership subscription (to cover up to two adult residents at a property within SGCARA’s Area – one vote per property – AGM) is a minimum of £2 per year. 
Additional donations towards SGCARA’s work are much appreciated.”




The PCSOs advise that we should report every incident then the local police get an overview. Also keep the local councillors informed as apparently they can initiate a temporary CCTV set up in a hot spot.
West Hill | Your area | Metropolitan Police

SGCARA is only too aware of the recent significant wave of vandalism/crime in our area.  We know that some residents have individually reported their experiences of this crime to the police, but its not clear whether links are made between these individual reports.

SGCARA is offering all SGCA (Sutherland Grove Conservation Area) residents opportunity to upload details of the crime/vandalism experienced in our area in the last year (from September 2022) to a (secure) online form, (in addition to reporting the crime to the police of course)

Completion of the form will enable SGCARA to present a comprehensive list of these crimes to the police so they have a complete picture of what has taken place. We hope this will encourage and ensure that adequate policing resources are made available to address the issues, and any other measures needed. Access the form via this link:       https://forms.office.com/r/jM0iPZxhVE


Sutherland Grove Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Strategy published by Wandsworth Conservation & Design Group